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Pink Devils Domestic Reversible Singlet

  • $45.00

PLEASE NOTE - This reversible is for Pink Devils Domestic players only and not for Sturt District competition players. You can choose your playing number from one of the following numbers:

  • Your Birth Date Day (e.g born on 23/4/2009 you can choose 23, born 4/7/2010 you can choose 4)
  • Your Birth Date Day + 31 (e.g born on 23/4/2009 you can choose 23 or 54 (23 + 31), born 4/7/2010 you can choose 4 or 35 (4 + 31)
  • Any number from 70 to 99

Orders which contain an item that need an assigned playing number have a 4 week delivery time from the 15th of the month for orders placed before the 15th, and the 30th of each month for orders placed after the 15th.

Sizing samples are available during business hours at the Sturt office. Alternatively, use the sizing charts in the photos of this product.

The Pink Devils Domestic Reversible Training and Playing Singlet is lighter and has a new sublimated design. It can also be used as an alternate uniform when dark blue is required. Please specify your chosen (see notes above) uniform number when ordering. You do not need to contact the Sturt office for an assigned number for a Pink Devils singlet.