Aussie Hoops is a fun, introductory basketball training session for 5 to 10 year olds. In addition to promoting healthy and active lifestyles, the program serves as a platform for developing skills and knowledge of basketball together with providing an environment for social development and inclusion.

Aussie Hoops has been designed to ensure that participants are participating in activities and games that are relevant to their physical and mental capabilities until participants are ready to transition into the Sturt Sabres Domestic or District League.

There is no better way to introduce your child to basketball and sport in general at a younger age.


Depending on the school term there are often several days to choose from - check out the Aussie Hoop's registration page to see what days are coming up.

To register for Aussie Hoops check out our Aussie Hoop's registration page and click the "REGISTER" link next to the day that you would like to register your child into.

Aussie Hoops Term fees
New $135 (includes participant pack)
Returning $90

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